We have been operating since 1963, still and always in the original Bentivoglio location, which year after year has grown in size, machines, experience, know-how. The quality, however, has always remained the same: the

best possible. We are one of the many Italian companies embedded in one of the most advanced and structured industrial ecosystems in the world: in Motor Valley, we are there.

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Sinter specialists


Just one thing, which we have learned to do very well: sintered components, from metal powders, by pressing and processing in controlled atmosphere and temperature furnaces.

The design provided by the company (it could be yours...) is analyzed - and when possible optimized - by our technical staff, prototypes are prepared for testing - very strict: we don't put up with surprises in production - and a report is drawn up with costs and delivery times. Which are always met (both times and costs: sorry to insist, we care). We also have an extra weapon: a very rich catalog of already made molds available to customers, which improves our competitiveness. So in the end, very often, our offer turns out to be a winner: a win-win, the only one worth chasing.

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Metal components


Okay speed of response and convenience, good rigor in testing, very welcome experience and commitment of staff. But the ultimate test, the judgment without appeal, revolves around one word: QUALITY. It is precisely quality, compressed into each and every part we produce, that is our flagship.

The high quality standard of our production is no accident: it comes from the continuous professional training of our employees and the desire to always improve a little more. We are from Emilia, but no Japanese is more kaizen than we are.

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High and certified


Sinteris has always been "green." It is powder metallurgy that is inherently "green," naturally environmentally friendly: almost zero waste, low energy consumption, significant percentage of material

first - metal powders - made from recycled iron. For our part, we feel that we are absolutely in line with the 2030 Agenda - signed by the UN - which has greatly expanded the concept of sustainability: we no longer speak only of environmental protection, but also of people's health and well-being, professional and non-professional education, and fairly paid work. These goals, we do everything to achieve them: we have reduced - and will continue in the coming years - greenhouse gas emissions, of every single product we communicate the carbon footprint to customers, we are committed to improving working conditions and ensuring the safety of the people who work for us, the engine that drives the Company forward: to them goes all the respect, consideration, and gratitude for what they do so well.

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We design the environment


Our code of ethics is simple:
- We believe in fair competition, in terms of price, quality and service: competition, it makes grow
- We nip in the bud any conflicts of interest, to eliminate doubts, uncertainties, improprieties

- We care about sustainability, the environment, health, safety and welfare of employees
- We protect corporate know-how, which is indispensable for ensuring profitability and creating jobs
- We offer fair contract terms, because employees are our first, irreplaceable resource
- We protect privacy: data confidentiality is the basis of the relationship of trust between us and customers

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We respect work and people

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